PERSONAL #02 : What is your relationship goals?

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People nowadays are so obsessed with "RELATIONSHIP GOALS"
To be exact, what is relationship goals means? Or do you have any relationship goals? In what terms and what kind of relationship?

For me, relationship goals is nothing than pure, happy, and long-lasting relationship, it's a deep bond between two people or more.
Relationship goals is not for dating or couple only, but also in friendship, family, and even with God.

If you watch #ibuibuhot web series, in the final episode ClaraDevi discuss about the real relationship goals in life, it is friendship, you can watch the video here.
As said by ClaraDevi herself "we can have all the love in the world, but without friendship (even with our lover), we won't feel content 😘"
And I am agree with it, friendship is forever relationship as long as you together. Bonding with each other, know each other, angry and mad at each other and getting back again. To be a shoulder for each other. A place to lean on.
Myself have been on and off in friendship, but the one who remains now, I hope it will be forever. Forgive me if I act as a bad friend *kiss*

The next level is dating or couple?
The current hot topic these days is relationship goals among teens, which more like affection and travel aboard.
Kissing, hugs, and even sex is not a relationship goals, dear boys and girls. NOT. A couple relationship is way moreeee than that, understanding, loving, caring, discussion, problems, are the things you need to learn from each other.
Going travel aboard is not a relationship goals. You can do that with your own or your friends.
Kissing, hugs, travels is activity you both enjoy together but it is not a relationship goals.
What is the point of share your affection all over your social media and ended with break up? It will be tiring to delete all the photos....

I'm not gonna talk about family or God relationship goals, since it's not my concern of writing this time. And it's very personal ofc.
The point is : relationship goals is about the quality of the relationship itself, instead of showing off.

Any comment?

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  1. Time plays a crucial role in having a perfect relationship goals .you have to give some time to your relationship if you want to keep it strong and healthy.

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