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Entering the second month of 2018, I'm getting excited! I don't really know how this year is going to be and where God will lead me to, but somehow I'm pretty excited and looking forward to. My previous years, I didn't give much thought about my life, what should I do, what I want to do, and etc. Basically, I just let everything flow. But this year I feel like I had so much plan and exciting things to do. 

First thing first, I'm excited how I turn my dreams into reality. I'm really going to South Korea this year, haven't buy a ticket yet but I already ask my friend to have the trip with me. We are already busy making the itinerary, browsing flights (gonna buy it at travel fair this February), browsing for accommodation, etc. If you have any recommendation or sharing your South Korea trip, please drop the link below! 

This year, I join a Social Communication Committee at my church, known as Seksi Komunikasi Sosial. I just want to lend a help there and still don't really know what I'm going to do, but so far so good. They have so many plans and we're looking forward to making it real.

My fears, my concern just fading. I was afraid that travel fair date will lapse with Kira's exam (my friend's ballet school and I'm responsible for playing music) and turns out not, yay. I was afraid I don't have a companion to go with for my South Korea trip, but here we are busy planning this and that. 

I do feel a change on myself, but don't know exactly what. It's a good thing tho, but yeah we are humans that afraid of tomorrow. So, instead of getting scared, let's just getting excited what will tomorrow bring!

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