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This is not a career post, and I'm far away from that, but I just want to share about my working days with my Dad as my superior. Lately (and oftenly) some people who knows I'm working with my Dad often said that "you're so lucky to work with your dad, you must be free, and you must be doesn't have office hour, etc." To answer (if you read this) and to release my 'anger' about those says, here's a the answer.

I'm working at PT. Delta Upakarti Ekaprindo, importer and distributor for swimming pool products named Pentair. This is a small company, we only have 3 (or 4) employee, me, my dad, a staff, and my mum help for finance. We, all of us, worked here for someone else, this is not a family business, we didn't owned it.

I am here as Operational Manager, well basically I managed the daily life of office, mostly I handle sales, marketing, and purchasing. Thou we have our own job, me and my father works together on this. I don't have junior or staff, all by myself.

As a sales and marketing, I am responsible to goal some sales lead and keeping our customer to stay with us. How to achieve more sales, how to grow this company, how this company can be known by others, that's what we do. Even sometimes, I sick of this and running out of ideas, somehow we made it. Now we are serving in Jakarta, Central Java, East Java and Bali.

And after years, we finally have our own website, our own domain name for email, etc. That's how a big company works. I am (automatically) responsible for that, for the content, social media, publishing, etc. Why? Cause no one can do it except me, haha.

As the purchasing, I responsible to purchase, arrange, and prepare all the import procedures. And it was not easy, at all. The small things matters, a consecutive numbers matters, a unit matters. Until yesterday, when everything goes well, my thought was "It can't be like this" HAHA. Because I knew that, something must be missing, and yes something missing.

I started my work here because my Dad wants to grow this company and open branch in Bali, so he need a person who can handle either in Bali or Surabaya. Even we ended up close our office in Bali,  as we can handle it from Surabaya, we still managed to gain sales there.

Long story short, since my responsible for this company got bigger, I also attached to work here. Let's say this is my comfort zone. I'm thinking of moving to other company, but the resume didn't give a light for me. So my thought was, so I am belong here, lol.

  1. Of course work with family. No awkwards, but yeah you still need to adjust yourself with another side of your mum or dad.
  2. My office is close with home! Only 5 minutes by walk, I can have lunch at home.
  3. More flexible. But hello I still works 8 to 5, guys! Even sometimes I come late, but I still have office hour. I still need to apply my leave, my pay got deducted when I'm running out of leave.

  1. Less profesionalism, it is NOT easy, like you watch on K-drama, to call your dad "Director" or "Manager".
  2. Works almost 24h. Business discussion 24h, even on weekend, it's tiring. And because we have time difference with Australia or America, when we need them we should work even it's not in office hour.
  3. No specific job desc. My main job was sales, marketing, purchasing, but also plus I can be IT, or secretary, or delivery man/woman, literally anything haha.
I am not complaining, guys. But what you see isn't as good as we worked on. Dimana-mana juga gitu, kita lihat aja gampang, aslinya juga kerja keras. Even sometimes, I can watch K-drama at my office, I have days when we should works overtime, late lunch, etc.

So, for you who think I'm "enak" because I work with my dad, think again. It's not as good as you thought. If you think I'm boss' daughter, NO IT IS NOT, I hate this words, don't ever say it to me.
Every job has pros and cons, up and downs, enak dan ga enak. We are the same, just difference on the 'weight' of your responsible.

Picture by Goei Andre.

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  1. Ah, been this kind of work 'position' jadi paham banget rasanya. Bedanya aku memang kerja di family business dan bener banget profesionalism itu hampir nggak ada, ya nggak berarti aku main2 juga sih saat kerja. I just cant imagine calling my parents with boss or mr&mrs director like in kdrama hahaha

    Anyway, just found your blog in Alodita's comment section. Nice to know you, Nina! (:

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by!

      Setuju, meski sama keluarga juga bukan berarti main-main. Yah memang orang lihatnya kita enak, padahal tanggung jawabnya pasti lebih besar karena besarin perusahaannya sama-sama, hehe.

      Anyway, just visit your blog and read your Starbucks blog post, nice post :D

  2. I'm also working with my dad and I agree with you it's a comfort zone. There're pro & cons if you're working with your own family. People always think we can have a day off anytime we want but actually it's not. It's just the same.

    Btw, salam kenal ya :)

    1. Hi Angelina, salam kenal :)

      Well yes, everyone always said "you're working with your dad so you have flexible time". Huft, it is not, haha. And they always think we get all the pleasures, but the reality is not like that.

  3. The other side of your mom and dad, hahaha, i know exactly what you mean. Cause everyone has work personality and personal-personality.


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