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I might be not the happiest person on earth. Well, everyone can't be happy all the time. But, are you happy with your life now?

This post inspired by one of my friend. Let's just say, she is the most self-less person. As the only child, she is not self-less like others. But the condition of the family made it. She needs to obey what her mom or dad ask, regardless her condition. She accept what people say about her, even it makes her unhappy or angry. She always thought for others people happiness before her. She is power-less.

And suddenly this thought come to me. Is it okay to self-less person? Well, I said YES. 

But baby, your happiness is way more important than others happiness.

I am still a self-absorbed person, well is not that bad, I still think about others too. What is the point if I can make people happy, but myself is not happy? It would be nice if we can make each other happy. But we can not please anybody easily.

The same question I asked to my friend, are you happy? In your relationship, your family. If you said you happy, go with it. If no, don't you think you should reconsider your relationship? 

I am not in position to telling others what they should do. But in anything, I would ask it. Are you happy? Totally happy? If you think "my parents accept my boyfriend, but I'm not sure about me to him", do you think your parents will live forever with your boyfriend, and how about you? Does your happiness is not important?

The last question,


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