PERSONAL #02 : My Overthinking Habit

12:14:00 PM

For some people who know me for years, they must acknowledge that I have a overthinking habit. Even for the smallest event.

My overthinking habit led me to sleepless night, sick, headache, upset stomach, acne.
My overthinking habit has been strike me since last year.
The most reason is I try to find the answer, the solution, even scheming some accident with "what if..."
Sometimes I feel normal, until the effect is really bad for myself.

Two days ago, my phone suddenly dead, and I'm panic out.
But, amazingly, I didn't overthink much. I got panic for a moment, but I can sleep well that night.
Maybe because I give suggestion to my mind "everything will be okay", "you still in warranty period" and another calming thought. The next day, I bring it to the service centre and fixed it, even I lost all my data and getting back to a new phone.

I found that give yourself a positive and calming suggestion to your self is the best answer.
"You can not control what happen to your life"
"You will be okay"
"This is going to be over"
"You can pass through this"
"You don't have to think over and over"

It is okay to have sleepless night for a moment, but you have to know the limit.
If you feeling over-limit, try to find the solution.
Have a cup of chamomile tea before sleep, meditation, yoga, listen to music you named it.
And sometimes I am cleaning and organising my stuff at night when I can not sleep, it helps.

The most important is to RELAX before bed.
If you can not sleep, just let your body and mind wonder, they will tired soon.
The more you force your body and mind to sleep, the more they will not sleep.

Do you have the same habit with me? Or do you have any sleep problem?
How do you overcome it?

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  1. haiii,, me too. i always overthink everything that happen to me. you can try to sleep while listening to sooth music. make a playlist consist of 10-15 songs and don't put repeat on it. my suggestion is listen to song that you can sing along in your mind. hoping the mind will think only the music, not the crazy thought, hahhaa. hope it help!

    1. Hi Ayu, thanks for your sharing :)
      Sometimes isn't only overthink but imaging something.
      And yes, I have a playlist of good music, even sometimes I ended up singing along or curious what's next song is, haha.
      Spotify also have some playlist for a deep sleep, that's help too, bcs it's instrumental and I think there's a special music for a deep sleep. Even I didn't sleep that deep, but it helps to fall asleep faster :)


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