PERSONAL #03 : Turning 26

8:29:00 AM

Taken by Emily at The Neighbors Cafe
October 2nd, 2016

Thank God for His bless upon my 26 years of life, for the ups and downs, for the sadness and happiness, for the sick and health. 

I'm thankful for my family, my parents, brother and sister, my friends for all the love, care, understanding and attention over me. Even sometimes I ignore and didn't give my 100% attention over them cause I'm busy with my own self.

In future, I hope I can be a better person, heal every hurt that I had, more mature, and be patient over problems.

Thank you for sharing your time with me in 3 days of celebration. Looking forward to more and more fun together with you all!

With Mom, Dad, and Emily, at home
September 30th, 2016
With Nelly and Chejeo, at home
September 30th, 2016
With Nelly, Yuliana, and Chejeo at Excelso Marvell City
October 1st, 2016
With Cathrine and Kristina (Gogo) at The Neighbors Cafe
October 2nd, 2016

PS: I'm wearing Claradevi Dress for my birthday celebration, shop here. (Yes, 3 days in a row)

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