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As you grow up, and as you know your friends more, you realise that not all of them are good to melting for.

Maybe some people will take you for granted, they think they have known you for a long time and take you as a easy one.

People is complicated, we are not an easy creature.
If you think "I've known her for years, I know everything about her", no, we don't.
People change, as they know the real you, as we experience more things.

Being grown up, you have more things to consider.
It's not always who share a candy with you, but also who share the hell with you, and you still chose her.

You hate them, before you know it.
Deep inside, you can't control how we feel about each other, because they don't realise they hurt you.

We keep silent, so there will be no problem.
But the problem is in us, as we keep them inside, we don't know when it will be explode and ruin us, ruin our friendship.

Friendship is not an easy one.
Being honest each other isn't an easy one, because we know if the honesty will hurt each other.

You got hurt as you know people more.

But this is life, life didn't promise you to be easy. God never promise our life would be easy.
Life is a daily learning process, learning about ourselves, about people.
Life is about how to deal with our demons.

And maybe by this writing, some people will question me, or themselves, "do I make a mistake to her?", "am I the one who she talking about?"
Well, maybe yes, and maybe I'm also talking about myself.
Let's reflect :)

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  1. It's funny that sometimes, things seemed to be forever-the-same, yet another next second it's completely different. That happens to people as well, I suppose... But life is kind, it's true, and I think if we keep thinking that way, we'll survive the bad times.
    Sending hugs <3

    Clara x

    1. Kakkk :')
      Thank you for stopping by and read this.
      Your sweet words is just <3 <3 <3


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